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The Glock 21SF



Glock 21SF


Glock continues to improve their already wildly popular model 21 with the introduction of the SF (Striker Fire). Recall that the Striker Fire system reduces muzzle climb and channels recoil allowing the shooter to keep the target in their sights. And one of the reasons why Glock is so popular with law enforcement.  


The first of three major additions leading the Generation 4 weapon is the change in the grip design. Thinner, with a more comfortable feel, most are struck by better grip that is achieved. And since grip and feel play a role in placing ‘rounds on target’, this one gets high marks.


The second is the addition of a easier, or I should say, more reasonable, magazine release. The reengineering required Glock to update their magazine design, but the good news it that the SFs will function well in both designs. All without losing round capacity.


A full MIL-SPEC Picatinny rail to mounts your favorite laser or flashlight satisfying the needs of most shooters to personalize their firearms.


Take a look at the Glock 21SF at  www.Yankeetactical.com


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