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Can You Still Get Great Deals on Firearms?



Absolutely! And I know what you are thinking, the market has exploded in the last four years. Prices have skyrocketed! Manufacturers of both firearms and ammunition are working around the clock to produce and the demand is higher than ever. This past Black Friday set the record for the number of firearms sales in this country. The only question is what are you willing to pay when you finally ‘pull the trigger’?

Here is a list of our recent auction wins:

DPMS ‘Sportical’ Tactical Rifle in .223   Retail Value $708.64      Sold for $12.10

Ruger SR22 Pistol in .22LR                  Retail Value $399.99      Sold for $2.02

Taurus Judge in .45LC / .410                Retail Value $680.00     Sold for $0.06

Mossberg 500 Cruiser in 12 gauge        Retail Value $478.00     Sold for $1.84

YankeeTactical.com has the answer! We are a penny auction website offering firearms and accessories for the enthusiast. And yes! These wins are real!

What is a Penny Auction? It is an auction denominated in Penny Bids. Each Bid is purchased by the customer in Bid Packs the cost of an individual bid varies on the size of the bid pack purchased. Larger Bid Packs may average as low as 65 cents per bid and are often our most popular. However, for smaller Bid Packs, the cost is a little higher. Packs range from 30 to 500. We accept most major credit cards and bids are instantly credited to your account.

What does it take to win?  Registering and bidding couldn’t be any easier. And with these 4 EASY steps, you can be well on your way to saving 100’s of dollars on your firearms or accessories purchases! Here is how it is done:


1.       Registration – It is simple and free to register! Your account information is never sold or shared with anyone (read our Privacy Policy)

2.       Buying Bids — Purchase a package of bids at a level that that suits your needs. If you are new to online auctions, start with a small package. ‘Old Hands’, those used to auction bidding, may buy more. And the better you get at the auction process, the larger the package of bids that you will buy to improve your auction skills

3.       Placing your Bids – Review the current auction items, add auctions to your personal “watch list” (or not). Click the “Bid” button on the items you want, and you increase the auction price by 1 Penny (that’s right! One Cent!) – HOW INCREDIBLE IT IS TO PURCHASE YOUR NEXT FIREARM OR ACCESSORY FOR PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR!

Remember, though, that each bid you place is a bid you’ve purchased (Read our FAQ’s to learn tips and tricks that lead to a successful purchase for you). As the auction timer approaches ZERO at ten seconds or less, each new bid increase the final clock by 10 seconds. You can just imagine the Auctioneer announcing that the auction is “Going, going…. gone.”

Practice, strategy, and patience are the keys to buying the products you want at unbelievable prices. Then you can tell your friends how you SAVED big time on your purchase.

4.       Winning the Auction — If you are the highest bidder when the auction closes, you win! The all you have to do is use our system to complete the purchase for the auction final amount, shipping and arrange for the transfer of your firearm to an FFL Dealer or your accessory to your home.

WARNING: if YOU cannot legally own a firearm, or if firearms are illegal in your community, you can not bid on, win, or purchase a firearm on this site. All firearms are shipped from a Federal Firearms Licensee (“FFL”) to a local FFL near you. Your local FFL will return the firearm to us if the firearm is not allowed in your community. Further, the local FFL will require you to complete the normal paperwork ATF Form 4473 and complete an NICS E-check online to verify that you are eligible to own a firearm.

So please do NOT bid on a firearm unless you know whether or not you are able to own it legally!!

Is there any Automated Assistance for placing my BIDS? Yes! On the auction detail page, enter at what minimum price you want the BidBot to start bidding and the total number of bids you wish for the BidBot to place. Don’t forget to click the “Activate” button to save your settings and activate your BidBot.

Once activated, and the auction reaches your minimum price, the BidBot will either place Bids for you at random intervals to insure that you are the high price or randomly within the last ten seconds of an auction (remember that Bids placed in the last 10 seconds of an auction add 10 seconds to the auction clock).  


What if I don’t Win?  YankeeTactical.com offers the BUY IT NOW (BIN) option on our auctions. While Bonus bids do not count toward the BIN price, the BIN price begins at retail and for each bid you place will lower the retail price by sixty five (65) cents. The price will continue to decline until you have lowered the price by one hundred (100) percent. So your Bids are never wasted on your favorite auction! You can buy the product using the Buy it Now feature at any time after placing your first bid on the product, and up to 8 hours following the auction closing time. See FAQs for more details.

With patience, strategy and attention to detail you can win the firearm on your Christmas Wish List. Good Luck and Happy Bidding!

Team Yankee Tactical




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