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The Final 3 Best of Bond’s Guns



James Bond is known for his exciting use of new weapons. Here is the last three in our discussion of the Best of Bond’s Guns!


First appearing in 1997’s Tomorrow Never Dies, the Heckler & Koch MP5 has since been a mainstay with 007 and in just about every Hollywood movie since. Known as the MP5K 9mm submachine gun, an upgrade of the original MP5, features a folding stock and tactical foregrip for more accurate fire, plus the capability to quickly attach flash hiders or suppressors—given James Bond’s propensity for silencers, this SMG’s appearance should come as no surprise.

Do you remember the Cigar Girl in 1999’s The World Is Not Enough? She made sure Bond wouldn’t forget her by using the Cobray Street Sweeper. Modeled after the South African-designed Armsel Striker, the Street Sweeper features a 12 gauge, 12-round shell capacity in a rotating drum magazine. Can’t picture it? That’s because the ATF has designated it a destructive device making it very difficult to find in the U.S.

Hunting weapons are always a favorite in Bond movies and Skyfall is no exception.  True to any English gentleman, Bond uses Anderson Wheeler 500 NE double rifle during a gunfight at his ancestral home. Chambered in .500 Nitro Express, the Anderson Wheeler packs a punch, but in the hands of an experienced shooter like Bond, recoil is hardly a concern. Aside from its tack-driving capabilities, this British-made side-by-side is certainly a treat for the eyes—certainly fitting of a shooter as dapper as 007.

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