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The Future of Gun Ownership



Last night’s win for President Obama is an omen for short term gain and long term loss. In his first four years in office, firearms manufacturers experienced an 86% sales increase. A sign that many considered the massive new regulations sponsored by the Obama administration to be a gradual elimination of their 2nd Amendment rights. So the feeling of many Americans has become ‘buy it now ‘cause you won’t be able to later on!’ Expect manufacturer’s to work overtime cutting margins to sell as much product as possible.

The future is clear even if the voter isn’t clear on the history. Senator Obama was considered so ‘anti-gun’ that the NRA launched an $11 million campaign advising gun owners that a vote for Obama is a vote for gun control. The ads reminded voters that ‘A second Obama administration with no future political campaigns to worry about will try to destroy this great American freedom’. As demonstrated by the two Obama appointed Supreme Court justices and their anti-gun rulings.

Where does it go from here? The Anti Gun lobby is clear on their objectives. Enact laws and regulations to identify owners, restrict usage, then confiscate personal firearms. Many brag about what they would do when someone comes to the door to take their guns. But a reasonable man understands that he must also live in this country and it will make the decision much more difficult.

To paraphrase our founding fathers, ‘An unarmed man is not longer a citizen, but a slave to the government’.

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