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Thinking through a Zombie Emergency Scenario



Thinking through a Zombie Emergency Scenario could save your life: You and a friend are in the middle of a zombie invasion. There is no time to head to the store, so you are going to have to make do with what you have already put in your emergency kit. What’s in it?

As Zombies shuffle into your town, they will likely overrun the basic utilities. (Who says they aren’t organized?) Your kit must contain bottled water, emergency rations, flashlight, first aid kit, sleeping bag and toilet paper. (unless you are the non-chaffing type)

Forget your cell phone and laptop. Zombies use ‘electronic inattention’ to sneak up on you.

Consider that Zombies are still carrying what they had on them when they were turned. So cash and jewelry for bartering should be plentiful. Never! Under any circumstance eat that left over candy bar in their pocket!

The right weapon guarantees your survival. Tell us your choice at Facebook / YankeeTactical and you might see it up for November penny auction at Yankeetactical.com


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