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What are the Best Zombie weapons?



What are the Best Zombie weapons? Preparation, Training and the right tool for the job! We have been asking for you to vote on your choice on Facebook / YankeeTactical. Here are some of your answers:

Topping the reliability list is the Browning Auto 5. Simple, effective, powerful and semi auto – It would take real talent to screw up one of these enough to make it stop working. And yes, Virginia, you can get magazine extension tubes for the A5. Simple – more shots, more dead Zombies (well, you know what I mean)

Another excellent rifle choice would be the FN PS90 in 5.7X28. While ammo and magazines would be harder to locate, the negligible recoil will be a big asset in serving up a lethal case of undead lead poisoning.

Tell us about your choice on Facebook / YankeeTactical and you might see it up for November penny auction at Yankeetactical.com


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