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Zombies 102



My research into the zombie apocalypse has sparked some new revelations! So that might better prepare, and don’t end up like a soon-to-be-dead kid in a horror movie, consider the following:

Dead is Dead. So it is a waste of time to try to drown a zombie. Consider your conundrum reconciling your need to row the zombie out into the middle of a lake and the Coast Guard regulations requiring a lifejacket for everyone in the boat.

Running and Hiding has its pitfalls. Remember Zombies react, they don’t think. But they can see, hear, and until the rot reaches their nasal cavities, smell. Hiding in a dumb spot always works for the soon-to-be-dead kid in a horror movie at first, then they get him. Know your Zombie!

Finally, before the surge in zombie research there was one commonly accepted origin of zombies: Voodoo. So, the next time you are thinking of booking a cruise that stops in ports where voodoo is a commonly accepted practice, think again.

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