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Zombies 101



With Halloween coming soon, I thought it would be important to remember a few important things about Zombies. First, they aren’t terminators. While a zombie can “terminate” you, they aren’t unstoppable death machines. Stay calm, a ‘shuffler’ gives you plenty of time for your next fact.

End it with a headshot. Zombies don’t infect you from a distance, they have to reach you. Your ammo should be powerful enough to shatter the skull bone. Wear raingear to avoid staining your clothes with splashback.

And for you purists, remember, not all undead are zombies. The ‘undead’ comes in a lot of different flavors. Vampires, mummies and 401Ks may be dead, and they all need something different to kill them. So be prepared. If you get it wrong, you’re toast.
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