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The Colt SP6920 Rifle



The Colt 6920 is the closest thing the American citizen can get to the rifle issued to our soldiers fighting around the world. Described by many as the highest quality rifle available, this ‘mack-daddy’ runs north of $1,100.00. The barrel twist rate, one complete bullet revolution per seven inches of barrel (military specification) and which effectively stabilizes bullets from 55 grains to 77 grains in weight. They say the devil is in the details, and a detailed analysis of this gun will show it to be made of superior materials and workmanship. For nearly two decades now the 6920 has stood as the epitome of the “M4 Carbine”, and the loyalty to Colt and their design shows in the sales of this model.

See it up for auction in late October @Yankeetactical.com! Visit us on @Facebook and @LinkedIn!


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